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Q. Who are your consultants?

A. We have formed a network of consultants carefully selected based on their reputation, hands-on business experience and success as well as their ability to deliver expert advice to our clients. They have experience in virtually every industry including banking, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, the service industry, construction as well as other industries. Our consultants have hands-on experience with start-ups, turnarounds and small and large business management. They are seasoned business professionals with a strong desire to see others succeed. They offer expert advice and counsel in many areas including, but not limited to, general management, managing people, marketing, sales, profit enhancement, strategic planning and strategy development, customer service, shifting corporate culture and process refinement.

Q. I noticed that you have developed manuals and workbooks on various topics that may be helpful to me. How can I obtain those?

A. Our consultants have developed some excellent tools to assist businesses and non-profit organizations in their planning activities and daily operations. Our sister site, allows you to purchase those e-books readily and easily. Once purchased, an email is sent to you containing a link for immediate access to the PDF file containing the workbook or manual. There is no waiting for a book to be shipped to you.

Q. Do I pay anything to use the information on this site?

A. No. All information provided on this site is here for your benefit at no charge to you. We keep the information updated regularly and welcome you to visit this site frequently. We also suggest that you recommend this site to other employees and friends.  Also, if you wish to purchase workbooks or manuals, there is a charge based on their respective cost. See for more details. This site is intended to assist you and your business in performing at the highest possible levels. Use it to your best advantage.

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